What is a Mule Account?

Mule Account or Buy New Account is the best and fastest way to get a large amount of FIFA coins.

What you get is a brand new account with the amount of coins you ordered. You can buy up to 15 million of FIFA coins, so you can very quickly build your own dream team. If you want to start over with FIFA or you are just beginning then a Mule Account is the best way to go.

MMOGA is our favorite (because at the moment they are the cheapest) and most reliable coin selller to buy a New Account.

How to buy a Mule Account

  1. Pick a reliable websites to buy a New Account, for example: MMOGA.
  2. Choose your console: Playstation 4/3, Xbox One/360, PC, iOS or Android.
  3. Choose for which FIFA version you want to buy coins.
  4. Next click on Mule Account.
  5. Pick how much coins you want to have.
  6. You don’t have to give you personal account details, you only need a email address.
  7. Pay for the New Account and wait for it.
  8. Delivery time will take about 5 to 60 minutes.
  9. After you received your new account you can change your account name and password.
  10. Now you can start with your new account and buy the players you want.